Hot Dog Heaven
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Channel Four News - 1984
"Home of the Perfect Hot Dog"

Miami Herald Tropic - September 1985
"Great dogs, great fixings, great prices, great atmosphere."

Selkirk's Bite of Broward Cable Show - March 1991
"Food doesn't necessarily have to be fancy to be good."

XS Survival Guide - April 1997
"The Chicago style hot dogs at Hot Dog Heaven really are heavenly"

XS Magazine - May 1997
"If you relish the thought of classic Chicago red hots, go straight to heaven."

Sun Sentinel - June 3rd, 1997
"Because of its nostalgic atmosphere and dedication to quality, Hot Dog Heaven is being recognized by the Chicago-based Vienna Beef CO. as the first 'National Historic Vienna Hot Dog Stand' in the country."

Sun Sentinel - June 8th, 1997
"All dogs don't 'really go to heaven' only the best ones do - especially when it comes to savory all beef franks tucked between the folds of a bun and slathered with tasty trimmings."

Sun Sentinel - September 1997
"Hot Dog Paradise"

City Link - April 1998
"Whoever said a hot dog can't be heavenly never entered these pearly gates."

New Times - June 1999
"An excellent Chicago-style dog with the works"

City Link - April 2000
"This really is heaven for hot dog lovers, who get pure beef Vienna dogs prepared Chicago style."

City Link - June 2003
Best hot dog - "As heavenly as the wieners may be, the hamburgers are just as good." - July 2003
"Hot dog angels open wide for tasty bites of Vienna hot dogs served on poppy seed buns at Hot Dog Heaven."

New Times - May 2005
Reader's Choice as "Best hot dog"

101 East Sunrise Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304

Phone: (954) 523-7100

Open Monday - Saturday
10:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.

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